what is refraction?

Refraction is a place for people to exhibit and develop their ideas, even or perhaps especially when those ideas are young and unpolished. Between fresh ideas and finished works, Refraction offers a first pedestal where intense thinking and exchange can begin and flourish. We above all seek works from all mediums, scholarly essays, short fiction, political analysis or polemic, criticism, poetry, album, film, gallery reviews, comedy, as well as photography, fine arts, music, and more.



WHY are we doing it?

Suffice it to say, the world is not as we’d like it. We feel the avenues for expression – social media – do not offer the place for developed, thoughtful expression and that contrary to public belief, young people crave meaning, devotion to time, and depth more than ever. We are colonies of being worth more than 140 characters. At its grandest, Refraction can serve as a small laboratory in democracy, and offer a renewed commitment to shared interests and thoughtful deliberation in the advance of the public good. Founded by a group of historians (in training) with strong political commitments, Refraction will not shy away from political debate and promoting practical political action, especially those ideas outside the straightjacket of neoliberal worldview. In addition, we share the conviction that politics is also a question of who we are and why we are alive. Tending a communal space inspires confidence for the road ahead, not just for whom we vote but for who we wish to become.



What to expect / how to join

Refraction is open and ready to take your work! Send us finished work, proposals, or even sketches of an idea. Refraction’s full website will launch on March 31, 2018 and from that date it will publish material online regularly. Refraction’s first print issue will launch in the fall of 2018.


Stay Tuned.