Surfers’ Blood

The gang at PowerHouse Books sent us a sneak peek at Surfers’ Blood, a thoughtful series of photographs by award-winning surf photographer and filmmaker Patrick Trefz.

While surfing will forever continue to propel into the mainstream, photographer, Patrick Trefz, takes his own devotion to the culture and his intimate bond with the like-minded to create a thoughtful series of photographs. Surfing is all about mankind’s intimate connection with the badass energy and beauty of nature. It is a deep bond, and for many surfing is a lifelong devotion and a spiritual outlet—a personal experience far removed from its much-hyped and commercialized public persona. Surfing is deeper than magazines and Hollywood depictions would lead us to believe—much deeper. For most surfers, surfing is in their blood and it connects them to an extended family that is linked through practice, tradition, craft, emulation, apprenticeship, and shared experience. Surfers’ Blood reaches out to those hardcore, dyed-in-the-wool surfers through an honest and beautiful portrayal of their sport and its surrounding culture, while at the same time offering outsiders a peek into the intense undiluted world of surf.

Trefz’s soon-to-be released monograph shares images taken throughout the past 10 years: portraits of surfing’s greatest titans and dedicated locals, oceanscapes, colossal waves, and action shots. The photographs, individual yet unified as a body of work, stand apart from the mass-produced editorial shots, as they become a study of the relationship between surfing, the elements, and the people.

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