Refraction was a hard name to land on. We had internal battles the size of lucid jellyfish, circling our intestines, wavering through our appendages, and eventually surfacing loud and proud. That one word is an all-encompassing powerhouse of creativity via energy and light. And its experienced in our favorite things: surf, photography, art, nature. The only negative: ten letters. But alas, nearly half of them are vowels. Toss ‘em out and you get RFRCTN. Little did we know we were spot on with some of the top vowel-dropping brands in the surf industry.

Surfing Magazine’s Chas Smith recently wrote “Vowels are not very cool. Arabs know this. They write without A, E, I, O, U or even Y. The Vietnamese know this. They name most of their young Ng. And the surf industry knows this, too. RVCA was our first entry into the linguistically cool zone of being almost voweless, leaving a simple dangling “A” like an appendix. AMBSN, VSTR, BRXTN followed suit, slashing the vowel either entirely or almost entirely. Luke Davis knows, his new line with reef, RESRV, contains only one. Fantastic, Luke! Hacking the unnecessary… I look forward to the day that the entire surf industry beats back the vowel horde.”

Test your vowel-lacking reading skills. Decipher the photo phrase and win a RFRCTN shirt. First comment here or on our Facebook page wins.


  1. bc says:

    cool. you forgot sometimes Y

  2. admin says:

    you’re complaining? consider it a bonus

  3. Alyson says:

    Creativity comes to both ends.

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